Thursday 06.11.20
Wednesday 03.11.20

Congratulations to all of our members for their hard work, because of them we were able to place 22nd in our first competition this season. We will as well be participating in the Ventura Regional competition next week, the details are on our calendar. Tomorrow we will be holding a quad event displaying our robot and inviting people to join us for our next competition, as well as recruitment for next season. Thank you t0 all of our sponsors who have helped us get to the point we are.

Monday 02.17.20

With a little more than two weeks to the first competition our COMP BOT is well on it’s way to completion. Our DEMO and SENSOR BOTS are also taking large steps to completion. Currently Admin is receiving and preparing to send out our t-shirt orders. Admin is also planning a tie-dye and team bonding event.

Monday 01.27.20

Happy New Year! Our team is deep into competition season with our 3 bot projects. Mechanical, Electrical, Programming, and CAD are all working together to make our COMP BOT, DEMO BOT, and SENSOR BOT. This is to utilize members of all skill levels. Admin has set our goals for the season- particularly focusing on financial sustainability and member recruitment.

thursday 11.14.19

It’s been a busy training season as new members are learning all the skills we’ll need for competition next semester. Special shout out to our sponsors VT Pro Design who we got to visit a few weeks ago and to all of our leads who are doing amazing with training. Just a quick reminder, we now have 2 meetings a week, every Monday and Thursday from 3:00-4:30.

Monday 09.16.19

Welcome back team! We are starting off early for the 2019-2020 season. We will be meeting every Monday from 3:00pm to 4:15pm starting this week. Please be sure to join our remind for updates on our meetings and other events. Our team was able to receive a booth at the homecoming dance, we will be selling Cup Noodles for $2. There will be a shifts and donation sign up sheet sent out for the dance, if you are going please sign up for a shift. The gallery will soon be updated with pictures from our first couple meetings.

wednesday 04.24.19

It’s been a month since competition and our team is back at work after our spring break. Administration is looking for sponsorships and fundraising for next years competition. In fact, the theme for the 2020 game has been released! We are excited to work on Infinite Recharge spring semester next year. Mechanical and Electrical are preparing for our club’s pep rally on Tuesday, making robot repairs so that we can give a demonstration. Even though the season is over for us, we are still working hard!

monday 03.18.19

Week of regionals is a busy week! Make sure to refer to the announcement sheet that was handed out at today’s meeting or ClassDojo for competition details. Also, jackets are in! If you ordered one, make sure to bring money to Wednesday’s meeting to get it before Thursday/Friday.

monday 03.11.19

The countdown until regionals starts now. 9 days until competition and our team is working hard. Wednesday we will be taking a team picture so make sure to wear your team shirt. If you don’t have your team shirt please ask admin. to get yours as soon as possible. Parent’s shirts are $10 each. Also if your parents are able to carpool, please let Jelsy know.

monday 03.04.19

A quick reminder to team members: We are still meeting after school at S5 on Mondays and Wednesdays until 5pm. Please make sure you are still attending meetings because we still have tons of important work to do! Also, team shirts are in so please come by and pick up yours! If you are a parent or non-member, t-shirts are available for $10 during our meetings (picture of design in gallery). We have a limited quantity to sell, so if you’d like one, please stop by as soon as possible! Also, if you have not turned in the Parent Consent form please talk to Mr. Torres to get a physical copy. Please make sure that you have this in before competition.

Monday 02.25.19

So proud of our entire team for all the hard work that they accomplished this build season! Thanks to our mentors, Coach Torres and Coach Rehder, our sponsors, our team and everyone else who made our robot possible! We are still working on a name but make sure to check the blog soon for an update.  Also, our photo gallery has been updated with pictures from Stop Build Day, so please check them out!

Saturday 02.16.19

Stop Build Day is coming soon, so our team will be moving out the robot and materials from S-5 and bringing them to Coach Rehder’s house. We will be having meetings there throughout President’s Day weekend. Tuesday, our regular meeting will be held at Coach Rehder’s house after school. We will continue to work on the robot until it is time to bag and tag.

Saturday 02.09.19

Our team has been working very hard to finish our robot. There are ten days left until stop day so this week is very important to the team. On February 22, 2019 we have a fundraiser at Panda Express, the flyer will be up on our Instagram and will be posted around the school. In order for us to receive part of the funds, you will need to show the second flyer that is on the Instagram. We hope that you will be able to attend.

THursday 02.07.19

We would like to thank VT Pro Design, one of our sponsors, for letting seven of our members take a tour of their facility. The few that went had an amazing time, and grew more insight into their company. We hope to work with them again during this season, and hopefully next season as well.

Saturday 02.02.19

The field trip forms will be due on Monday, please have your forms completed and submitted to Jelsy by the end of our Monday meeting. If you have misplaced the form, there is a copy on Slack posted by Mr. Torres.  If you are going to the winter formal, please sign up for a shift at our booth, we will be selling glow sticks and donuts, if you will not be attending feel free to donate supplies. The sign up sheet was posted on slack and is also on the team drive.

saturday 01.26.19

We’re back at school! Thanks for all your patience and flexibility as we navigated the complications that came with the UTLA strike. Our meetings are returning to normal times, from 3:10 to 6:00 after school in the Engineering Lab on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and from 8:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays.

Tuesday 01.22.19

Despite our setbacks this week, we have made great progress! Mechanical has successfully built our intake mechanism for the cargo game pieces. Electrical and Admin have been diligently working on the website, business plan, sponsorship, and budgeting. Programming has continued to work on basic robot functions. Also, our team will now be doing “Member of the Week” for every week during build season. So far, there have been two members that have been recognized for their accomplishments. You can view the members, who have worked hard for the team, on the “Member of the Week” page.

Monday 01.14.19

Due to the strike, our team will be meeting at Coach Rehder’s house, until further notice. We will still be meeting on our regular schedule but will be from 9:00 am to 5:30, we advise you to bring a lunch and umbrellas. The address to where we are meeting is on slack. Mr. Torres will have S5 open on regular meeting days after school if anybody would like to attend and get some work done. If you have any questions regarding our meetings please contact Elise, Coach Rehder, or Mr. Torres through slack.

saturday 01.12.19

This past week we have been busy at work. Mechanical and Electrical have been designing and building the drive train for our robot, as well as finding the parts that we need. Programming has been working on being able to program basic movements and Administration has been designing apparel, organizing our finances, managing members, and working on the website.

saturday 01.05.19

Today is the kickoff event for the 2019 season, Destination Deep Space! We saw the 2019 game for the first time, learned about the 2019 game rules and regulations, and received a Kickoff Kit that gave us the basics for our robot build. Please make sure to check out our calendar for all events, club builds, and competitions on the “Club Info” page.

This is the blog, where we will post what happens in the meetings, important updates, and fundraiser information. Please check back to see our next post. Updates will be posted at least once a week.

       GO TEAM !