Previous Seasons

2019-2020 Season

During the 2019-2020 season our team registered for the Los Angeles Regional Competition and the Ventura Regional Competition, although unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Ventura Regional Competition postponed indefinitely. Despite this, our team worked together to produce our robot for Infinite Recharge, the FIRST game for this season. Our robot’s name was “Chewy”, named in spirit of Chewbacca for this Star Wars themed game, and also because of the amount of Chewy granola bars our team had to snack on. Nonetheless, our robot Chewy pulled through and managed to qualify our team at 22nd place. This season our team experienced much growth in the designing and building process of our robot.

2018-2019 Season 

For the 2018-2019 season our team participated in the Los Angeles Regional Competition for our third year in a row. This year’s game was Destination Deep Space, which we placed 49th in. Our team focused on team communication, team bonding, and using pneumatics on our robot, named “Low-Five” to give tribute to our arm-lowering mechanism.

2017-2018 Season

Our team’s second active year was during the 2017-2018 season where we participated in FIRST’s game, Power Up. At our Los Angeles regional competition we qualified 46th out of 60 teams from around the world. With our team still new and growing, our mechanical quadrant worked hard to make “Nugget” our robot for this year, our progress promising for the years to come.

2016-2017 Season

Our team was founded in 2016, our members were excited and ready for us to participate in the 2016-2017 season as a rookie team. This year’s game was Steamworks, which challenged students who were new to FRC throughout season while first developing different aspects of our team. These aspects consisted of how our team should function, season breakdown, and this year’s game itself. Our team was able to win this year’s Rookie All-Star Award, promising us a spot at the season’s National Competition in Houston, Texas, where several of our members flew out to participate.

(You can find out more about how our team began on our team history page.)