What is FIRST and FRC?

If you don’t know already, FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization that runs robotics competitions for students ages five to eighteen to help prepare them for the future through STEM.  FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) is a league for high school students where teams of 25+ students build and program robots to perform challenging tasks against competitors under strict rules, limited resources and the guidance of volunteer mentors, including engineers, teachers, business professionals, parents, alumni and more. This is the competition we participate in every season.

About Our Team

How are we organized?

Our team is organized into 5 groups: Administration, Programming, Mechanical, Electrical, and CAD. Each group works together to complete their respective tasks needed for our team to be ready for season and competition.

Administration, or Admin., handles the management aspects of the team and runs our team like a business. They specialize in the monetary aspect of the team like our finances, creating fundraisers, ordering needed parts, and reaching out to sponsors. Admin. also organizes different events for our team and manages the team’s social media pages.

Those in the Programming Team learn how to code, specifically how to code our robot for the game we receive. They make sure our robot is able to run and follow the code, especially during the autonomous mode during every game. Our programming Team is very important because they ensure we are able to control our robot once it’s on the game field.

Our Mechanical Team focuses on creating custom parts for the robot, part of the design process, and building the robot itself as well as working out the mechanics needed.

The Electrical Team works on the electrical aspects of the robot, such as wiring, some pneumatic components of the robot, and making sure our robot is powered properly while not having wires everywhere.

Our CAD team specializes in the design of our robot, creating a 3D model for the mechanical and electrical team to follow when building. We also have several members from all three of these teams develop designs for our robot when season Kick-Off begins, and the team then votes on which design we think is best.

Despite our team’s organization, we encourage everyone to get involved in the process of designing and building the robot so our team can run efficiently during season.